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Strengthening civil society worldwide with local partners

INTRAC's programmes build relationships with partners in the North and South to strengthen the capacity of individual CSOs and make civil society worldwide more effective. We take a long-term, sustainable approach, choosing to support CSOs to act more effectively in their own communities, rather than directly implementing our own development projects. Our programmes support civil society through:

  • Working with civil society across different geographical regions. Find out more using the left hand links.
  • Our Praxis Learning Programme, which produces materials linking theory and practice, and sharing solutions between practitioners who work with civil society worldwide.

Our aims

Through our core competencies of research, consultancies, training, conferences and publications, our programmes aim to: SMILING project arsenic training in Gaibandha 2008

  • Increase CSOs' capacity to design and manage their own organisational development and programme performance
  • Strengthen the skills of individuals working for our partners and provide opportunities for in-depth learning
  • Encourage cross-sector dialogue and participatory approaches
  • Together, bring about a stronger, more vibrant civil society sector with greater ability to act for sustainable development and social justice.

INTRAC has a strong track record in programme design and delivery. Our expertise has made a positive difference to the performance of local civil society – this is supported by reviews and evaluations of our work in Central Asia, Cyprus and Malawi. The practical materials produced have been well-received by a wide range of practitioners.