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Praxis Programme

INTRAC's Praxis Learning Programme ran between 2003 and 2011. Although the bulk of the programme has wrapped up, Praxis Notes and Praxis Papers are still being published and are available for free download on this site.

Linking research and practice – sharing solutions

INTRAC’s Praxis publications are used and recognised worldwide. Our Praxis series provides an invaluable platform for practitioners to reflect on and write about their experiences. It allows them to share their learning and good practice with other practitioners, and bring it to the attention of policy-makers and donors, as well as civil society activists and researchers.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences via the Praxis platform, please contact the research team. You can also read more on the legacy of the programme and access Praxis publications.


The Praxis Learning Programme was set up to enable civil society organisations (CSOs) to become more effective by linking theory and practice in organisational capacity building. The programme gave practitioners with hands-on experience in different cultures and contexts an opportunity to share the solutions they developed in the course of their work. The publications have been used widely by consultants, practitioners, and academics.

There were two main phases of the programme, each organised into themes.

Phase One

The first phase (2003-07) of the programme was funded by the Dutch Foreign Ministry. The primary objective was to support capacity building in civil society organisations. Themes covered were:

  • Capturing and nurturing innovative practice
  • Recognising and responding to culture and context
  • Catalyzing exchange and dissemination
  • Improving evaluation and impact assessment
  • The value and power of capacity building
  • Organisational learning

An independent final evaluation of the first phase of the Praxis programme was carried out in July 2008. The evaluation report authors noted that: "In view of its network, reputation and approach to capacity building, INTRAC was the ideal and possibly the only organisation to be able to launch and implement a programme like Praxis."

Phase Two

The second phase of the programme ran from 2008 to 2011. Themes covered during this period were:

  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Capacity building for gender, diversity, and equality
  • Monitoring and evaluation for capacity building
  • Capacity building for advocacy
  • Faith-based dimension of capacity building

Contact the research team for full details of the themes covered.