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ONTRAC is our regular newsletter, funded by the NGO Research Programme.

Each issue looks at a different theme of interest to development practitioners, civil society actors and academics. Articles put forward perspectives and experiences from practitioners across the world.

It is published three times a year in electronic and print form and is read around the world.

Latest issue - ONTRAC 61: Post-closure evaluation: an indulgence or a valuable exercise? 

What is the purpose of post-closure evaluations from the perspective of those commissioning them? What is their value-added as opposed to other forms of follow-up study? Which challenges do commissioners and evaluators face? 

ONTRAC 61 brings together three different perspectives regarding post- closure evaluation: that of an organisation commissioning a post-closure evaluation; that of a consultant who carried out a post-closure evaluation using his own resources; and that of a research team that was commissioned to do a large study. 

With articles from Janet Clark, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at VSO; INTRAC Associate Chris Wardle and Community Develeopment Water Special Nagul Zakiriaeva; Dr. Sara Kinsbergen and Christine Plaisier from the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen; and INTRAC's Sarah Lewis.

Download your free copy of ONTRAC 61: Post-closure evaluation: an indulgence or a valuable exercise? 

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