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ONTRAC is our regular newsletter, funded by the NGO Research Programme.

Each issue looks at a different theme of interest to development practitioners, civil society actors and academics. Articles put forward perspectives and experiences from practitioners across the world.

It is published three times a year in electronic and print form and is read around the world.

Latest issue - ONTRAC 58: Context and Sustainability: Monitoring and evaluating humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid calls for people to act quickly in rapidly changing, often dangerous circumstances. Monitoring and evaluation is often the last thing on anyone’s mind. However, it is essential to making sure the response is effective and appropriate. The articles in this issue give practical examples of how it can be done.

Oxfam’s Vivien Margaret Walden introduces the ‘Contribution to Change’ approach, which takes into account multiple sources of responses to emergencies to understand the long-term effect of aid provision.

Patient Balungwe of Norwegian Church Aid relates how being flexible in monitoring and evaluating a sanitation programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo resulted in increased community involvement.

Bobi Morris of the International Rescue Committee discusses her organisation’s development of standardised but adaptable toolkits and the lessons learnt, including when use of a toolkit isn’t appropriate.

Finally, Alexandra Warner of ALNAP discusses how her organisation has extensively piloted a guide to evaluating a guide to humanitarian action to incorporate inputs from intended users.


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