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ONTRAC is our regular newsletter, funded by the NGO Research Programme.

Each issue looks at a different theme of interest to development practitioners, civil society actors and academics. Articles put forward perspectives and experiences from practitioners across the world.

It is published three times a year in electronic and print form and is read around the world.

Latest issue - ONTRAC 59: The role of INGOs in complex and politically charged contexts 

This issue of ONTRAC looks at the different roles and initiatives INGOs have in ‘politically charged’ contexts, focusing on context and partnership.

Following an overview of the issues, INTRAC Associate Jenny Ross outlines the role of INGOS in influencing and supporting change in complex contexts, where advocacy can be risky and even illegal.

Summer Brown from International Alert stresses the importance of adopting a conflict sensitive approach when working in politically charged contexts through exploring their work in South Sudan.

Andrew Anderson looks at Front Line Defender’s approach to supporting human rights defenders at risk in politically charged contexts.

Getinet Assefa from CSSP Ethiopia addresses the challenges strict legal frameworks pose for supporting civil society.

Finally, Christiane Noe discusses CBM’s experiences of supporting disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) in politically charged contexts drawing on examples from their work in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Gaza and Haiti.


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