Monitoring and Evaluation Series

INTRAC is developing a new online resource to support development practitioners involved in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and impact assessment, including:

  • those involved in developing, maintaining and implementing M&E systems;
  • those tasked with designing, conducting or facilitating reviews, evaluations or impact assessments;
  • those undertaking M&E tasks as part of their day-to-day responsibilities;
  • managers and other development practitioners wanting to keep up with trends and debates in M&E.

The online resource builds on the many documents, papers, articles and books on M&E that have been published over the past few decades; as well as on the practical experiences of INTRAC staff and consultants. It will cover key areas of M&E including planning, data collection, analysis and use, evaluation and impact assessment, M&E systems and others. 

Over the past few weeks, INTRAC has published a series of short papers dealing with the central area of planning for M&E. This is in recognition that planning and M&E are closely linked, and that effective planning is often a pre-condition for effective M&E.

It is hoped that the papers will provide an entry-point for people who are new to M&E, as well as being a useful resource for those with more knowledge and experience.

  1. Planning and M&E (17-06)
  2. Developing a plan (17-06)
  3. Influences on the M&E Approach (01-07)
  4. Developing an M&E Approach (01-07)
  5. M&E plans (15-07)
  6. Setting objectives (15-07)
  7. Outputs, outcomes and impact (29-07)
  8. Indicators (29-07)
  9. Programme indicators (12-08)
  10. Baselines (12-08)
  11. Results-based management (26-08)
  12. The logical framework (26-08)
  13. Beyond logframes (09-09)
  14. Outcome mapping (09-09)
  15. Scenario planning (23-09)
  16. Theories of change (23-09)