We have also enjoyed being evaluated by all of you. We have been impressed with your ability to – under an extreme time pressure – grasp the inner life of an old organisation like [...] and the huge transformation that we have gone through over the past five-six years. Your very professional approach has made this demanding exercise possible.
Recent consultancy client


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Women talking and writingINTRAC offers specialist consultancy services for major international NGOs, NGO support organisations, and donors involved in international development and relief work, dedicated to strengthening civil society.

We help organisations through development and change processes, which can involve strategy development and programme design. We assist NGOs and donors in the evaluation of programmes and offer support in monitoring and evaluation. We also offer short-term consultancies including desk studies, mentoring, peer reviews and workshop facilitation.

Areas of development consultancy expertise:

We also have experience of working within sectoral approaches - many of our consultants and associates have individual areas of expertise:

  • Livelihoods and security
  • Rights-based approaches
  • Environment
  • Advocacy
  • Disability as a rights issue

Consultancy assignments are conducted by experienced staff members and a core group of external consultants, based in the UK and around the world. All of our consultants have extensive experience of working in international development in both the North and in the South. Our team has an impressive depth of regional knowledge and language skills.