Working to strengthen civil society.

About us

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Strengthening civil society globally

INTRAC exists to support and strengthen civil society. We seek to increase the effectiveness of civil society organisations (CSOs) in all parts of the world. Civil society is key to establishing democratic societies and CSOs play a key role in promoting sustainable development in a just society. 

What we offer:

  • Research into a range of issues directly affecting civil society organisations. We are proactive in identifying issues as they emerge, critically analysing them and bringing them to attention of CSOs; issues such as aid effectiveness, the role of civil society in development and the latest thinking on M&E.Participants at our 2008 international conference
  • Training, through a long running and successful programme of open training in the UK and Central Asia, and tailor-made courses on demand for organisations across the globe.
  • Consultancies. We have advised the majority of larger INGOs, as well as major developing and transitional country NGOs and other civil society groups on their organisational and strategic needs.
  • Communicating practice through a range of accessible resources designed for practitioners – providing a platform for those directly involved in development to share their ideas. We also provide the editorial team for the internationally-renowned journal Development in Practice.
  • Bringing all these aspects together in comprehensive programmes – either geographically or thematically based.

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