December 2014

Building sustainability of civil society workshop - Feedback from participants
Over 80 participants attended INTRAC's "Building sustainability of civil society" workshop hosted in Oxford, 25-26 November 2014. Check out what our participants thought about it!

November 2014

Briefing Paper 41: Models of INGO Sustainability: Balancing Restricted and Unrestricted Funding
Our latest 12-page INTRAC Briefing Paper explores different models of resourcing strategies that international NGOs (INGOs) have adopted to ensure their financial sustainability.

Free webinar: Building sustainability of civil society
Following on from our Building Sustainability of Civil Society Workshop (Tuesday 25 - Wednesday 26 November), INTRAC will host a free webinar on civil society sustainability on Thursday 4th December 2014. Speakers will discuss core aspects of civil society sustainability and share learning from the workshop. Confirmed speakers include Felix Wood from Afrikids, UK, Jenny Hodgson, Global Fund for Community Foundations, and Anabel Cruz from Institute for Communication and Development, Uruguay.

October 2014

Annual report 2013-14
INTRAC's 2013-14 annual report highlights our research, training, and consultancy work in civil society dynamics; planning, monitoring, evaluation, and learning; and trends in international NGO and donor practices. It also includes sections on our values, key aspects of our work in 2013-14, the Central Asia Programme, Development in Practice, our work with the Civil Society Support Programme (Ethiopia), and on our finances.

Building Sustainability of Civil Society workshop
On 25-26 November, 2014, INTRAC is putting on a two-day workshop for practitioners, CSOs, foundations, social enterprises, private sector representatives and development agencies to share experiences of and practical responses for the sustainability of civil society.

Sustainability in transition: Two blog posts
When development practitioners talk about the sustainability of civil society organisations, particularly in the South, they often talk about finding new sources of external funding to replace retreating European NGOs and state agencies. In fact, they should be talking about developing a local constituency and local funding base, argues Brian Pratt in two blog posts on Alliance.

September 2014

Development in Practice special double issue on endogenous development in Africa
Development in Practice, a peer-reviewed international journal edited by INTRAC and published by Taylor & Francis, now has out a special double issue on endogenous development in Africa.

August 2014

New resources in Russian
New INTRAC resources are available in Russian: a paper on monitoring and evaluating advocacy activities, ONTRAC newsletter 57 on civil society in the Middle East and North Africa, and INTRAC's brochure.

July 2014

Out now: INTRAC Review of Activities, 2011-13
INTRAC has released its Review of Activities covering the period from April 2011-March 2013. Read the report for a retrospective of all our activities in all arenas for that period. Contains plenty of links to our key projects and papers, as well as a summary of what we do and how we do it. Also a summary of our finances and some interesting facts and figures. Watch for the 2013-14 annual report, coming out soon.

June 2014

New paper: Knowledge sharing in action
Our latest practitioner-oriented short paper, 'Knowledge sharing in action: The case of Concern Worldwide’s Knowledge Matters', describes how a new internal publication by Concern Worldwide has provided the means and motivation for staff to share their experience-based knowledge.

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