April 2016

Religion and Development. Rick James for GSDRC
Why would you want to mix religion with development? In working with religions in development it is important to find shared priorities and to establish shared language and values. Take a look at the reading package and video with INTRAC Principal Consultant Rick James for GSDRC.

March 2016

We are recruiting!
INTRAC is recruiting a Training Manager to strategically manage, develop and oversee all of INTRAC’s training work including long-term projects, tailor-made training workshops and online trainings for individuals and organisations working with civil society globally. Click for details on how to apply

December 2015

Learning and exchange on organisational development for sustainability workshop
INTRAC joined colleagues from the Open Society Foundations, the International Step by Step Association and 16 organisations across Europe and Central Asia at their "Learning and exchange on organisational development for sustainability" workshop in Bucharest. Click to know more!

INTRAC strategy 2015-2020
Civil society means people coming together, mobilising, and organising themselves to bring positive change locally, nationally and globally. Download you free copy of our strategy 2015-2020 to find out how we will be supporting civil society over the next five years.

We are recruiting!
INTRAC is recruiting a Middle East North Africa Principal Consultant with demonstrated experience to deliver capacity building focused consultancy, and management experience at a senior level in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Click for details on how to apply

November 2015

Free webinar - Supporting the sustainability of civil society: feedback from dialogues in West Africa and MENA
Join our free webinar on supporting the sustainability of civil society on Wednesday 9 December and learn more about our regional dialogues in West Africa and MENA. Click to know more!

Civil society sustainability in West Africa workshop
INTRAC and WACSI are jointly organising a workshop on sustainability in West Africa on the 17 November in Accra. The overall objective of the workshop is to explore the challenges civil society practitioners and organisations face around sustainability and how civil society organisations are responding to these challenges.

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