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Capacity Building, Partnership Relations and Exit Strategies

By Rachel Hayman, with inputs and insights from action learning set participantsOver the past few months my colleague Rick James has produced a series of posts on capacity building. Capacity building,...

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    Nine ways to turn around the dreaded work meeting

    “Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first.” –Nancy KleinIn my last blog post, ‘Ten ways to help others do their best thinking’, I summarised 1...

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      The Arab Spring, Ukraine crisis and prospects for civil society in Eastern Europe

      When the dramatic events in Egypt began in 2011, many of us in the Commonwealth of Independent States region began to worry how they would end. From the experience of perestroika and coloured revoluti...

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        Strategic funerals in capacity building

        ‘When you are riding a dead horse, the best thing to do is dismount.’– Native American sayingCapacity building can do more harm than good. At times we use capacity building as a life...

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          NGO exit strategies: Are principles for closing projects or ending partnerships necessary?

          By Rachel Hayman and Sarah LewisNumerous non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are facing the challenge of closing projects and programmes and withdrawing from countries and partnerships. This might b...

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